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China Single Open Makeup Case factory NAME: high quality make up case (Love printing makeup case box) CODE: JX-CA094 MATERIAL: high quality aluminium frame stylish ABS fabric sheet surface (aluminium sheet for high class) flocking fabric inside MDF wall polished hardware accessory NET WEIGHT: 0.599kg DIMENSION (APPROX): 1. OVERALL SIZE: 18x14x12.5cm 2. TRAY SIZE: 16x7x3cm 3. TOP CASE SIZE: 18x14x3.5cm 4. BOTTOM HOLLOW SPACE: 18x14x9cm FEATURES: 鈥?High quality aluminium finish and construction with reinforced steel corners for extra durability 鈥?Secure easy close latches with key locks If you are looking for a suitable storage tool for your makeup, you must not miss this love printing makeup case box! It is very stylish and good looking as it has beautiful prints on the surface which can make your makeup activities more sophisticated. In order to ensure a long service life, we have selected high-quality aluminum silver as the border of the box. It is not only easy to use and strong, but also has excellent drop resistance and rust resistance. Thanks to the clever double-layer sliding tray design, you can store and easily access gadgets of different sizes. The case is compact and has a non-slip handle so you can carry it straight out the door. Since it comes with a mirror, you can put on makeup at any time without having to carry an extra mirror. This love printing makeup case box is ideal as a gift or makeup case. We offer a variety of aluminum alloy boxes with innovative designs and strong durability. There are many kinds of fabrics such as aluminum plate, fireproof plate, ABS plate, PU, PVC, acrylic, etc. The inner lining can be made of various fabrics. We can also make EVA and sponge according to the requirements. The box body can also be printed with patterns as required.China Single Open Makeup Case factory website:http://www.chinajiuxin-tools.com/make-up-case/single-open-makeup-case/

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