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You’ve heard the term before; tactical backpack.  It’s hard to avoid, in fact.  It’s impossible to deny that “tactical” packs are a trend that isn’t going away any time soon in the carry world.  In fact, at this point it may not even be a trend, but one of the pillar groups.  How did this happen?  Well, as long as there has been military, there have been people who want to use the gear for their civilian lives (the common day tshirt is a perfect example of gear popularized by military design and use).  And just to be clear, civilians using military gear is awesome.  As long as you’re not going around claiming you’re a soldier when you’re not.  That’s not cool.  Otherwise, feel free to enjoy the benefits of these awesome packs and gear.  In one way or another, you’ve already paid for them via taxes!

People are drawn to this rugged gear for good reason too.  Packs, clothing, and kit that is designed specifically for armed forces are all meant to go to war.  Literally.  They’re focused on strength, durability, modularity, high activity, and premium quality materials/hardware.  Fashion is not even considered.  It’s all pure function here.  That being said, some may think tactical packs are a bit loud/attention grabbing, so they’ll want something a bit more subdued.  Everyone has their own preferences, which we dig.

Long story short, in this particular case the term “tactical” is essentially another word for “military” or “military inspired”.

As the title states, this is a breakdown of tactical thigh bag for beginners.  An introduction.  So let’s dig in and explore what makes one functional tactical pack great versus a cheap knock-off for fashion’s sake.

We’re material geeks over here.  And generally military tactical packs all should be made from quality fabrics that can take a beating.  As a general rule of thumb, they should be made from 500D – 1200D CORDURA nylon fabric (or better).  Not 200D.  Not Kodra.  Not polyester.  This is an easy one.  Some packs may even use nicer materials, such as X-Pac (VX) fabric.  Usually these fabrics are heavier (not always), but they’re weather resistant and take a fall down a mountain or twenty.

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